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Before Google, most search engines could find relevant documents, but they struggled with ranking them in an order that surfaced the best matches. This led to SEO tricks like extreme keyword stuffing,

A not commonly known coding bug that’s easily overlooked will cause Google to ignore robots noindex meta tags. This can happen when copy. a simple mistake can have a devastating impact on search.

since HTML5 contains tags like <header>, <nav>, <article>, and <footer> that allow you to identify page content in a way that.

Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you want Google to index certain pages, but you are required to use a template that uses the “nofollow” robots.txt meta tag. Can you use. literally.

For this reason, do not specify “nofollow. tag on it is either a duplicate or a subset of the page that the tag points to (the canonical page). The search engines may choose to obey this suggestion.

Using canonical tags can be a great way to instruct a crawling search engine as to the representative version of duplicate content or similar content. All you have to. that the directive isn’t.

A not commonly known coding bug that’s easily overlooked will cause Google to ignore robots noindex meta tags. This can happen when copy. a simple mistake can have a devastating impact on search.

In other words, you can point to your own domain up to seven times a week (any more than that and Google News will start to ignore this tag) but can point to other. the guest author and not.

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I generally enjoy John Gruber’s writings, but today he’s dishing out SEO advice about HTML title tags. Some of it is bad advice. So with respect, here’s how I’d suggest you write page titles in a way.

. can cause multiple pages to basically tell search engines they are the preferred version, which doesn’t make sense. If the page has multiple canonical tags that are different, then Google will.

affiliate=2341 No worries…just put this in the head element of that page and search engines will ignore the duplicates. Didn’t you all learn your lesson with nofollow? Search engine support for.

Why? Because when a link is put into nofollow tags, it basically says to a search engine, “Hey, don’t count this link!” That means you miss out on that little boost of link juice you’d normally get,

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With the tag still there, search engines will not index the webpage, which could leave you wondering why your SEO isn’t improving. Always keep track of your pages to know when a tag is no longer.

I have seen applications inside subdomains that will only link to the primary website’s homepage or employ nofollow links. that do not affect page content after a #. Search engines almost always.

Not all search engines will follow all commands, but below are a few examples of robot meta tags and what they ask the crawlers to do: Nofollow Tells crawlers not to follow any of the links listed on.

In fairness, Facebook doesn’t only create these tags for its own purposes. Those tags are also important for search engines.

You probably already know this: YouTube is now the second largest search engine, having displaced Yahoo Search earlier. Remember, it’s critically important that you’re using Descriptions, Tags and.

A nofollow attribute instructs not to follow any links on that page. While these tags don’t correlate with rankings directly, in some cases they may have some impact on how your site looks in the eyes.

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